Tom Stuart - CV


Software developer, technical leader, people manager, conference speaker, cyclist, runner.

Career at-a-glance

Apr 2019 - present Engineering Lead and Software Excellence Coach BCG Digital Ventures
Nov 2017 - Oct 2018 Vice President, Software Engineering Movinga
Jan 2016 - Oct 2017 Technical Lead SoundCloud
Sep 2012 - Jan 2016 Developer SoundCloud
Sep 2011 - Jun 2012 Developer Forward Internet Group
Sep 2010 - Sep 2011 Developer & Systems Administrator Jobsgopublic
Jan 2010 - Sep 2010 Developer Alliantist
May 2009 - Jan 2010 Consultant Developer Perform Group
Jan 2008 - May 2009 Technical Trainer FDM Group
Sep 2007 - Dec 2007 Trainee Developer FDM Group

Employment history

BCG Digital Ventures - Engineering Lead and Software Excellence Coach

  • Served as interim CTO for OpenSC, overseeing its expansion to a Berlin office and establishing its technical foundations.
  • Defined the team structure for OpenSC, hired the incoming Head of Engineering, and served as a technical advisor during the handover.
  • Worked as the sole engineer to tight timelines on a variety of projects in the entertainment, real estate, agricultural, and healthcare sectors, defining and validating startup businesses. Presented findings to C-level representatives of our clients and secured the go-ahead to proceed to the build phase for a number of projects.
  • Conceived, built, and delivered a training programme for emerging engineering leaders at BCGDV. This has now been delivered to 30+ engineers in three different locations worldwide, with positive feedback from all sides.
  • Served as a line manager and professional coach to my team members on projects, to six people across the organization in a more stable assignment, and informally, by request.
  • Conceived and developed a practical workshop on trunk-based development which has been delivered to the entire engineering department in Berlin.
  • Collaborated with BCG colleagues in a more traditional consulting environment to assist in an agile transformation project for a major financial client.

Movinga - Vice President, Software Engineering

  • In a short span of time, expanded the engineering organization from 8 to 16 developers, while improving its gender ratio from 7:1 men/non-men to 11:5.
  • Put team leads and a two-tier reporting structure in place to facilitate this expansion, and further expansion in the future.
  • Developed a framework for aiding in the career progression and assessment of developers, along with a peer and manager feedback process to support it.
  • Kicked off and occasionally contributed to an effort to simplify infrastructure and bring it under Terraform control, leading to a 50% reduction in hosting costs.
  • Along with the Head of Product, developed a process for high-level planning which brought business stakeholders and the technology organization into closer alignment and led to faster iteration.
  • Oversaw the integration of various technologies acquired from our erstwhile competitor, Move24.

SoundCloud - Tech Lead

  • Proposed and helped implement changes to the emergency on-call system for engineers, leading to a 50% cost saving and increased job satisfaction from engineers.
  • Convened and moderated the tech leadership forum - a process and regular meeting for escalating cross-cutting technical issues or opportunities, and scheduling work in those areas.
  • Produced architectural guidance for microservice authors.
  • Produced and delivered a workshop on the topic of workflow improvement. Suggested concrete improvements to SoundCloud's product development process and coached PMs to implement them.

SoundCloud - Developer

  • Implemented sign-in with Google
  • Developed the API and made tweaks to the client for a new creator-focussed mobile app, "Pulse".
  • Planned and executed online schema changes for large database tables to ensure continuity of service.
  • Developed, published, and evangelized internal guidelines for determining the production readiness of microservices.

Forward Internet Group - Developer

  • Worked on a small team to develop car insurance comparison journey with industry-leading UX in short time.
  • Migrated several personal finance applications from legacy .NET stack to Ruby- and Javacript-based systems.
  • Devised and tested various new business ideas following Lean Startup practices.
  • Organized Vim workshop with an external expert.

Jobsgopublic - Developer and Systems Administrator

  • Introduced behaviour-driven development supported by Cucumber
  • Replaced a proprietary gem management solution with Bundler
  • Led the project to upgrade the company's main application to Rails version 2.3
  • Maintained the company's infrastructure with Chef and migrated key servers to Amazon EC2

Alliantist - Developer

  • Introduced the use of Cucumber for automated acceptance testing to the team
  • Implemented scripts for importing performance indicator data in bulk from legacy spreadsheets in use at a major Probation Trust
  • Migrated version control from Subversion to Git

Perform Group - Consultant Developer

  • Developed a solution for localizing attributes of business objects transparently using Java annotations and Spring
  • Developed Ruby scripts for streamlining various supporting tasks in the development workflow. Apparently, they're still in use!

FDM Group - Technical Trainer & Trainee Developer

  • Devised and delivered workshops on shell scripting, object-oriented programming and SQL
  • Delivered commercial training to recently-placed consultants working with clients including the RSPCA
  • Led the training operation in the newly-created Manchester office
  • Created a web application with Spring for tracking trainee progress


BA - Classics - 2:1 (University of Oxford, 2007)

Other things to know about me

I'm a keen runner and cyclist. Things I'm proud of here include my 10k time (39:11), my half marathon time (1:27:29), and my Marmotte finishing standard (Gold). If none of that means anything to you, that's OK. I promise not to talk about it too much.