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Why I Won't Go To Your Conference 22/08/2013

In which we rant a bit about jollies

Three Competing Forces 14/11/2012

In which we take a look at mock objects in their context

Active Records and Value Objects 12/06/2012

In which we stop trolling the twitter back-channel and try to say something of worth

Attention gem authors 16/11/2011

In which we get bitten by a hidden bug and we warn you about it.

Tag navigation with Vim 31/10/2011

In which we jump around, jump around, jump up and get down

Controlling Showoff with an Apple Remote 18/08/2011

In which we astound ourselves that it's this difficult

Mocks suck. Matahari sucks less 05/06/2011

In which we hunt a white whale and manage to hurt it a little bit

RSpec, Ctags and vim, oh my! 19/10/2010

In which we learn how little we know about C but still make something kind of useful